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    Congrats Benedict Cumberbatch on your recognition, but I’m the one looking like wax in this shot.

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    thranduil’s grunge phase

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    Comfy Skull

    Alexander McQueen Skull Knit Jumper

    This is the most amazing sweater in existence.

    If you knit, or can sweet talk someone who does, a person on ravelry charted this pattern to knit it (in black) for her son: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/cabled-skull-chart-for-pullover

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    this is the best 30 seconds or so of my life

    ^ Not hyperbole.

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    The Making of Benedict’s wax figure (X)

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    I can’t. Pls stop this man.

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    Rupert Grint as Sir Frank Finger in It’s Only a Play on Broadway [x]

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